Friday, 9 February 2007


Search with the keywords - I HATE MONDAYS (it is capital'ed and bold'ed to express what is called has almost become an existentialist dilemma now!) and you will find some hundred results or more. The cloud of private blogs and forums (obvious guesses) made me feel better - I have unknowingly been a part of an universal community that hates 'something' as passionately as I do. And you know what, there's also a movie on hating Mondays, an entire set of cartoon strips, and god-know-what-not!

Why is this hatred for mondays (I don't even like a capital 'M' for the word anymore) is no guessing. But do not take this hating-mondays for hating-work. I am still the workaholic (my previous post and the topic is an instance) and I forget watches exist, while at office. I of course get back home every night, for I do see my colleagues leaving! But I really really really miss vacations - like the endless one's we used to have at school. Aw my god, do you realise we'll never have them again, unless of course you plan to leave a job and relax for sometime, before you join another. I did that when I switched my last job. But you know what, they leave you corroded. I don't know about what effect holidays have on others, but they leave my appetite whetting for more, more, and more holidays! I heard they actually have paid vacations in the Scandinavian nations. Now that is so very cool. So very logical.....out here in private organizations like ours, we sure can avail our annual leaves (ALs), but for that you have to be a year old in that company (I know several private organizations who has this policy, including ours). And some 24 days in an year that has some 365 days, is all we are entitled to (leave the sundays, govt/public holidays aside, okie!)? That's unjust!

While typing this post, midway I thought of changing the title to "Why can't we have vacations?". But then again, why I hate Mondays is synonymous with 'wish we had vacations' or at least a longer weekend, more paid leaves in a month, less stringent pay-deduction structures. Wish our CEO were a blogger :(

Addition1: Goddamn...I was born on a Monday!

Addition2: ...and the alarm sprang to life (more forcefully than other days) the next morning and after some 3 snoozes I finally woke up to another Monday of my life! Mondays ahoy!


grey-orgasms said...

Just found a community on hating Mondays at Orkut:

Hemant said...

since i don't believe in wastu and all these things.But i don't want to tell that the person who belives on these things are wrong or suprstitous. Every person has his own thinking. But what i think this is your labour and ofcourse blessings of your elde ones and also your fortune that helps you throughout your life. But the article was too good that it should be ranked 10/10. Its not just beacause of that it is written by my friend but because it tells you smthing very very true aspect of life.

That's all
Hemant Shukla

Coach White said...

hey man i want to ask you about "crawling" by linkin park. How can you get the close caption on it. I am hard of hearing and want to know how to put the words on the video, please explain to me and it will be helpful. thanks for your time.