Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Vaastu for Websites?

Have you ever heard of Vaastu for websites? Well, I am not kidding - we already have a book written on that topic - Webvastu? A Delhi-based Vaastu expert, Dr. Smita Narang's brainchild, Webvastu is applying the fundamentals of Vaastu Shashtra (the science of balancing the energies between the individual and his surroundings) to the construction of a website. And the purpose is enhancing the overall performance of the site (which means more visitors, more hits, more profit out of the site). Well, well, well, I see many an eye-brow raised and twisted! Let me elaborate...

An altogether new concept to the World Wide Web and the Search Engine (Mr. Google, are you even aware have different plans for you now!), I chanced upon it fortunately as I was asked to write Dr. Smita Narang's profile.

And trust me, Dr. Smita is not just any lady. An once Interior Designer, ex-First Class First from DU - Botany, Dr. Smita has this knack for doing things differently, making her presence felt in her own little ways - be it parenting the neighborhood street dogs (one interest we share), giving instant and effective Vaastu remedies to her friends (I too bagged some fine tips), promoting the science of Vaastu, or playing the perfect cheerful host to the endless strand of guests at her home.

Her husband Raj Narang, is one of the 'pillars' (Yes, I can vouch on that) of India's largest online B2B website pulishing manufacturer (IndiaMART InterMESH) and for obvious reasons, one fine day she thought - Vaastu being a science of directions, can we apply it to websites! The idea must have been like hitting the Jackpot - for how many of us come up with such crazy thoughts (sure was one before the research took place). Years and some hundreds of websites concluded with --- the Five Basic Elements that make up the world, each correspond to those that go into the making of a site, like: Earth Element to the Layout of the website, the Water Element to the Fonts & Graphics, the Air Element to the HTML coding, the Fire Element to the colours used, and the Space Element to the URL or Domain name of the website.

The self-proclaimed gurus of the World Wide Web did not respond very positively to her hypothesis. Why, wasn't Galileo hanged when he first told that the Earth moves round the Sun?

WIRED approached her and asked her to review one of their sites - Slashdot.org and began her round of fame and criticism.

Infact her research for a full-proof hypothesis is on, and I hope, like her acclaimed Vaastu consultations (her clientele fan-following is quite huge), she is able to make it another standalone Practice in itself.

Nah, I am not here to do the trumpets, nor have I read the book. But I am curious and want to share my 'chance discovery' of this interesting topic and the person herself. Right from her impressive drawing room, the myriad curious (mementos from the different places across the world she has visited) to her impecable love for Turbo (pet dog who actually chewed her cell phone to chunks), and enviable hand at cooking, 'meeting her' is something you will remember. And, just like my pronounced love for my other 'firsts', I am fond of what I wrote about her.

~~~ Needarshana


Manjari said...

Yeah! I agree with u Needarshana. The book is worth a dekho

grey-orgasms said...

Hey Manjari have you read the book? And guess what, just the other day I was discussing with Maam and she said if we write facing east-ward, one produces better. East in our office is towards the back side (the way Rita Maam sits).
Cant really comment of how effective these off-the-beaten-track sciences are, for there is always a very thin and blurred line that seperates 'believers' from 'non-believers'. Wish we had time to do some research..

Manjari said...
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Manjari said...

Ya! Actually I read it in bits and pieces. And I do believe in certain things but not all. I am in " Love" with my seat and I like the way it is.
YA.. but genuinely this science could be cherished!