Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Zubeen, Me and music..

18th March - North Campus, Polo Ground

And I finally saw Zubeen Garg and he saw me! Dont know whether he liked me or not (lol), but if you ask me my-first-impression -- well, his 'frame' was quite a surprise (read 'dissappointment').

Zubeen’s presence in my life, in most of my Khar (for 'Assamese'/'oxomiya') brethern's life, for that matter, is beyond diction and adjectives. From those days of Anamika (Zubeen's first music album) to Namaste London (reportedly his latest Bollywood release) - Zubeen has been my 'hero' --- and here, (those who know me well) it is not to be compared with my 'Maine Pyar Kiya' and 'Baazigar' hangovers. I grew up listening to Assam's lifeblood - Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Bishnu Prasad Rabha, Bhupen Hazarika, Jayanta Hazarika. Bhupen Hazarika (Ma's Bhupen Daa), was supposedly the first Assamese ‘voice’ to make its presence felt worldwide. But Zubeen's case is different. I remember how I would frown and cross my brows when Pa would play Rabha-sangeet on my Birth day. Cassettes would dissappear, and I can confess this now for Dad can't be reading this for sure! And then suddenly 'Maya' (Zubeen’s) found its way to my ears and very soon to my heart – yes, it was the first Assames song I fell in love with. And began another phase of my life - Going Back to the Roots...... Used to Bollywood and Michael Learns to Rock's, it took me time to develop a taste for music of my own land and language.

By Graduation, I had favourited more Assamese numbers than Metal and strangely, Bollywood was passe. Xunor kharu Nalage, Neela Sador (Bhupen da), Tumar Uxax, Manuhey Manuhor Babey (Bhupen da), - were the pleasantest discoveries.

Recently someone told me how the 'Elite and Elder' Assamese fraternity raised a furore as Zubeen did not sing the Assamese National Song (O mur apunar Dex) ‘correctly’! I don’t know the lyrics either, but when I listened to Zubeen’s version (during a long drive at Noida Expressway) I had goosepimples!

Such is his voice! Only Roger Waters casts such spells on me..
Height or no height, Zubeen is his voice - oceanic, soulful, god-blessed!

Really liked the 'Jag Lal Lal' number (Big Brother) and Dilruba (London Heights).


Satyakam said...

Such a nice post..
A year ago I too wrote similar things..
We all are so proud of Zubeen..
I talked to him that day for some couple of mins.. I met him for the first time.. He is so receptive.. Very nice human being.. He puts so much energy into his songs.. 'Jaane kya chaahe mann' was the flavour of the nite..
Kudos to you!!

grey-orgasms said...

Thanx Satyakam..and rightly said - Zubeen sings his heart out! And I actually dislike Assamese cynics who seem to be be on a constant lookout for the slightest instances to toss his reputation..
I was too awed to speak to him that evening..but I could sense his humility.. Just that I am worried about his liver..you know what I mean!

CReaTIve MinDs said...

it must be really exciting for you and though me not from " NE" can say that it is one of the best zones of India and so we can say about the people too...

jagat jyoti said...

Nicely written... as always!!
I am also a huge huge Zubeen fan and 'mayabini' remains a personal favorite for more reasons than one! I met Zubeen da alongwith my frnds sometime back and we chatted for around 15-20 mins and it was a nice experience. Off late i've argued with many of my pals regarding the so-called Zubeen/Angaraag rivalry. I just don't seem to understand why Zubeen becomes a bad singer if Angaraag sings well or vice-versa?! Personally I like Zubeen as well as Angaraag... and I am happy for that. When Angaraag sings 'Mon Mor Uree Gusi Jaye'... it gives me the same feeling as Zubeen's 'mayabini'... something ethereal and transports me to a magical world!!
And yeah even my Mom was complaining that Zubeen should curb his penchant for 'concentrated grape juice'!!
Keep up the good work... Needarshana!
I'll be back... provided i don't forget n i remain alive!!