Sunday, 24 February 2008

Zubeen never dies!!!

I just missed a heart-attack! Ok, it was a hyperbole – but trust me, it was no less!
An acquaintance informed over Gtalk that Zubeen is dead in an accident at Sonapur, Tezpur.
No English can contain how I felt. Xorioh phool dekhi golu!!! "It has to be a rumour"... I consoled myself as I frantically searched my contact list for all those sources who can be contacted at 11:30pm.
After some bewildered Whats, Hoboi Nuares, Dhet Ki Koisas, and that there was a bus accident in Sonapur yesterday, true, but Zubeen definitely wasnt there - we concluded it was only a fitment of somebody's kamnuhua's imagination and truly a disgusting one at that!
Zubeen is very much alive and kicking at Andaman (from another source). Looking at the watch and going by his reputation, though, my friend concluded he must be lying somewhere drunk.

Houk teu...Bhogobanok kouti kouti dhonyobaad!

Nevertheless (my theme being "Good Things") - the whole episode was a reminder what Zubeen means to me and my likes amongst the Oxomiya (Assamese) lot. Will some Oxomiya doc volunteer, make sure he has regular health check-ups. I am truly worried about his liver, if you know what I mean.

God Bless ZG!
P.S.: Boy, I just came to know he sang in the Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.


Jagat Jyoti Saikia said...

Hey... u gave me the shockers!!

Zubeen is my personal fav too and only two days back (last Sunday)he enthralled us in Bangalore and I got the privilege to listen to my favorite songs sung by Zubeen-da.

The way he crooned Maya teleported me to a magical world and he simply ROCKED!!

May he live a long, healthy and creatively fulfilling life.

And as I type these lines Zubeen's Dure Dure is playing in my mind!!

Nidarshana said...

Yeah, just as I said "I missed a heart attack".. The only time I saw Zubeen perform live was at North Campus, Delhi (when I wrote my first blog on Zubeen). Wonder when will I get to see him next. I do not know how active is the Hyderabadi Assamese fraternity.

Will discover them this least hoping to!