Monday, 3 March 2008

Soul talk!

There are moments in life when you feel if you are to die just there and then - you wouldn't mind!
It is not saying "You feel done". Rather, you feel you've lived just everything you ever wanted to live, have known both hatred and love in its crudest forms, have lived both sleepless nights and nights you wouldn't want to blink an eyelid for you don't want to miss a thing, have almost decoded the existential truths, have loved the best you can and the best of love has come back to you...
There are moments in life when you feel so content, so complete, so full, that you either fear losing this situation of perfect bliss or want to freeze life in that moment forever....And if you are to die just there and then, you wouldn't really mind!

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Nidarshana said...

That was a momemtary catharsis...Ok, I'm at complete peace..but just can't afford to die...I want to see Boomer grow up...Experience "Oxomiya Marriage"...See Mapa playing with their grandchildren (I'll have to reproduce at least one kid for them to play with)...give "something" back to Nagaon (I'm pretty serious about it)...

Career has taken a back seat...let it be --- these things have become so important for the first time and I want to live it through!!!

And I am in no mood to die anymore :)

Maya-jaal...So human we are, aren't we?