Tuesday, 27 May 2008

What Salsa taught me in 2 days!

My otherwise moronic weekdays got an instant make-over when I and Don started meeting up in the evenings for Salsa classes at the Ethno Fitness Studio. I did dig on the dance programmes in Hyderabad sometime back for a feature, but being what I am, my frontal lobe couldn’t make it further than “lets gym together everyday” when it came to how do we scoop out “quality time” for one another. The Salsa idea was his, obviously!
Don is punctual and I am so infamous for being so grossly late all my life. So the first day I was literally dragged back home from the grocery store and in 10 min dragged out once again to Ethno (except when I was sitting in the car). I have heard Sachin over the phone and checked Deepthi’s profile on Orkut, so they weren’t really “new” to me (not that it matters).
The duo led off with a little demo and the bunch of us were left gawking - Salsa was oh-so-sexy!
Two girls, six men in the batch was an obvious imbalance for a couple-dance and we had no other option but to shift from one partner to another. That meant a lot of “holding, touching and eye-contact” and I felt a little rattled – but more at the thought of Don dancing with the other girl, than at other men dancing with me. But thankfully, a few shifts from one to another and we got so busy concentrating on the steps that all gender cognizance crap waded off. I nevertheless coaxed Don later to confess if it was “pleasurable” and he gave me a “you were the hottest on the floor” (and did he have a choice!).
Good news for the likes of me with concentration-malfunctions is – it is the man who leads his partner in the dance. Which means, I do not have to worry about the “whats next” (a trait that has a history of screw-ups since those school annual days) – and simply concentrate on the cues from my man and if there’s a fuck up ever, it is the man to be blamed. How I loved Salsa for that!
I am lousy at crossing roads (this should explain my driving un-enthusiast) - the kind drivers wish were better dead than be confusing them to no end.
But after Salsa I would completely submit, not even look at the size of the vehicle and check if the driver's a lady (girl friends please try understand the intent and dont turn it into some FCP jabber) and walk by Don quietly. I even ended up getting all ready to leave some 15 min before time. And I no more cared about who he dances with.
A little faith makes things a lot simpler!


Satyakam said...

good to see u blogging again.. nice read.. although i knew the things written, after reading it, i could visualise myself dancing with 'the one'.. Salsa.. here I come.. :P

Don said...

Your writing is getting better and better girl... I specially love it when you write nice things about me... har har har...!

JK said...

Awesome...dance and post!!! Though I am not seeing you guys, I know exactly what you mean when you say Ooh-soo-seXy!!!
Just one piece of sis - ly advice, (cant resist the temptation, me being me, and also out of habit): mind your steps lady!

Nidarshana said...

Thank you for stopping by!

@ Satya

Yea, I did try to transform my thoughts into diction, but aint impressed with the effects. It could not carry my thoughts completely. Features likhi likhi nijor monor kotha bur agor dorey express koribo nuara hoisu :( Hope this is a temporary phase..

@ Don

I can write on and on about "us"...but wouldnt that be repeating what the eyes communicated already?

(aw it feels so teenager'ish to write romantica)

@ JK

Okie are you referring to the obvious submission bit of the blog? Yea, I know "giving up", "submitting totally", "losing oneself" are concepts that go against "our" grain, but Ju I am only doing what he has already done. I'm no more worried about "what if I'm hurt"...by then I'd have lived my life enough to last the rest of my lifetime. (romantica again, but I'm in that state of overwhelm, couldn’t help the outpour)

Kaber said...

He he. Hottest on the floor eh?