Thursday, 28 May 2009

I set the street ablaze. Part II

27th day of May, 2009: I CAN DRIVE....................................

After the first few days at the steering wheel, next few picking up the ABCs (Accelerator, Brake, Clutch), today I learnt 'the wonders of the gear'. How drivers co-ordinate all of these props - I could never understand till I did it myself. And it felt heroic.

And that's not all - I already banged into a scooter (not my fault TRUST ME) and I showed him the middle finger (D. never does that and warned me not to repeat it EVER. And I gave him my devilish smile. Heh heh.)

Muzeeb (the trainer from Escort Driving School and who recognizes his burqa-clad sisters from their sandals) must have trained at least a hundred blokes in his career of 10 years, and there is no reason, whatsoever to consider me special. Even though after 15 min of driving I take to humming some song and begin to look around checking out people, shops and.... M., very curtly reminds me "Rastey ko dekho madam, idhar udhar dekhne ko baadme bohut time milenga" and that I'm only 6+ class old. Even though I leave both my hands from the steering wheels to shift to 2nd gear (must be the car) and M. goes totally crazy "Madam sterring wheel chodoge to gadi kaun chalayega". Even though I bring the car to a screeching halt every time there's a dog even intending to cross the road. "Darne ka nehi. Kutta aye, jo bhi aaye. Apna life sabse important hai, baadme dusro ka. Full confidence se chalaneka." Even though I make him feel suicidal with my pen and paper and get him draw and explain the entire mechanism of the car. He would only be thanking his stars, visiting the mosque for his namaaz every Friday, when he passes this test - of patience in teaching me How to Drive. And D. will be thanking him (it could have been D.!). And I will forever remember
"Rastey ko dekho madam, idhar udhar dekhne ko baadme bohut time milenga"
"Madam steering wheel chodoge to gadi kaun chalayega"
"Darne ka nehi. Kutta aye, jo bhi aaye. Apna life sabse important hai, baadme dusro ka. Full confidence se chalaneka".


Smita said...

lol :D

Vaise I have seen these trainers are street smart and have killer one liners ;-)

Showed the middle finger?? lol...

And I trust u, a girl can never be at fault when driving ;-)

Anita said...

You are making me remember my dad teaching me how to drive. I almost gave him an apoplectic fit.

P.S. Thanks so much for stopping by Don't Be a Slut - really appreciate you reading and commenting.

Ann Dee said...

@ Smita

Yes yes, a girl is never at fault...driving, not-driving ;)

Btw, I do the gears with just one hand and without looking at it. Else Muzeeb's career was almost at stake.. lol

@ Anita

Welcome dear... Even I couldnt quite crack it with Dad sitting next to me and thankfully we mutually agreed on giving up.

And I really liked reading your blog...Very honest, bold, straight from the heart..You should consider clubbing them into a book (now that you already have a buyer)

ani_aset said...

hahaha good one..enjoyed reading..and he really identifies sisters from their sandals,..what if they change? sandals obviously :)

Ann Dee said...

@ Ani_set

They'll still be his sisters right? How wud it matter who's wearing which pair..

[Hope that's what you meant and I've answered it right]

Whatever the Q...whatever the reply.. you're nevertheless welcome to my blog! :)

ani_aset said...

noo...i was wondering about the funny situations of calling out wrong names..anyways..enjoyed the blog..and "read more" irritated me actually :(, made navigation difficult..suggest use it only for very long posts

Ann Dee said...

@ Aniruddha

[Did you know about this aspect of Aniruddha:
Close to my heart coz back there in my homeland, we've lots of monuments dedicated to Usha-Aniruddha...shortly said, your name strikes a special chord.]

You're right about "Read more". Actually I too find it a little unreadable...lesser clicks the better. But bohut mushkil se woh feature dala hai so, like you said, I'll try keep it only to those long posts. :0

ani_aset said...

yes i do ann-dee :), and i'm glad about the "read more" :P, i'm sure it took a lot of effort