Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Rattle and Hum

I should have (only if I could have) been writing the review for this place now. Rattle & Hum is a premium lounge, newly opened in Hyd and this review is over-due since Sunday.

Or I could have been doing that compiling bit S. wanted me to complete by Thursday so that I have a good bulk ready before I am on-boarded.

I could even wrapped up my cooking so that when D. is home, we can all go driving. I badly need some fresh air and also get a hang of our car. Besides Boomer loves jutting out his head to smell and see all that he can't from his pigeon coop of an apartment and I so love watching him do that.

I could get back to Midnight's Children and find out what happens after our Sinai family move into that sabkuch ticktock hai Methwold's bungalow....

I could call up one of my (equally frustrated) friends and bitch about life, job, SIL or some other friend.

I could take a nap, like I usually do. More so on a day like today, when I had slept 3 hours less than my stipulated doze as I had to go for a swimming class (at 6) that never happened.

I could even play one of those stupid...nay...on second thoughts, 'timepass' games on Facebook, comment on comments or play scrabble and the end of it all curse FB for tempting people to waste so much valuable time on-line.

I could catch the missed episode of Splitsvilla at Youtube and find out whether Juana gives in to the competitive spirit or to her affection for Mohit....and later try to figure out what is it that attracts me to that far-from-sensible, faked and tweaked-to-raise-TRP, scripted reality show.

I could take Boomer out for a walk and take that time off to clear my head and see if I can do some productive thinking.

I could finish that collage I am planning for D. birthday. Planning a mix of photographs and mementos - all from our childhood, on an wooden panel. D.'s keeping too busy lately to drop by my blogs. So no worries.

I could shortlist few hiphop tracks and burn a CD for the car. I am so tired of all the Al di Meolas, Dave Mathews bands and MegadETHs.

I could cry and let that clog explode. But tears no more come easy, unless it is infused by some touching scene in a movie. I'm becoming a hard nut everyday.

I could try flirting with one of my buddies at PM and give my degenerating self confidence a boost and my same-story-every-day life a surprise just for today.

I could write a secret blog and set 'me' free.

I can write a secret blog.


V said...


Sorry but I have to correct you. It's Megadeth.

-Former Big Fan.

Ann Dee said...

Geee :p

Corrected :)

And why 'Former', if I may ask?

(In small doses and not-so-frequently, I otherwise love them.)

V said...

Don't listen to them much anymore. Heck, I haven't listened to a single band other than NIN for a year now.

I know. You don't have to say it.

-Effing Insane.

Scarlett O'Hara said...

ROFL at what V wrote.. when I saw the correction, I thought it has to be some fan correcting! :)

Ann Dee said...

Guys, I suddenly realized I am no more a fan of no-one :(

I listen to a little bit of everything. What would you call that listener-of-all-music-worshipper-of-none?

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Jack of all songs! :)