Thursday, 4 June 2009

How to Post a Blog with HTML Codes

While Publishing the post below, I found I cannot simply hit Publish and have the HTML codes in my post stay unchanged, like other alpha-numeric-symbolic elements in my post. The HTML codes in the post are treated as part of the post's HTML file, so that when you publish your blog those HTML tags are either altogether gone or are visible in bits. How in the whole wide world could that have occurred to me! But my stars aren't all muddled, at least not all the time. I remembered to save a copy in Word. How about slicing out all the code tags from the word doc using the Snipping tool (one of my fav. IE8 features) and publishing them as image files? But that would turn my post literally meaningless because how the hell would one copy the HTML script from files. It has to be a right click, copy, paste thing.

After all that big big proclaimation -- this will create history, this is my first tech blog, I'm lit up like a 100 watt bulb, trust me - mislead you I shalt not, trust me, this that -- it would be both embarrassing and unfair to write a blog on codes, with half codes gone. I know you guys would be kind enough not to come looking for me (inspite of my disclaimer) or you would?

Google can be such a life saver (Sorry Bing, I'm yet to bing in such situations). I found this magic link.....

Now this site allows you to decode/encode your codes into different formats. For my post, I copy pasted each code tag into the sites' code-transform window and got it encoded into a format so that the tag scripts look like regular alphabets and not like special charatcters. This way I converted all my HTML code tags and got my post replaced with the encoded ones. And when I published it finally and saw all the codes in the present format, this time, I really did beam up like a bulb.

But the temporary alignment of my stars was over by then and once again the turmoils of life stood there looking at my face. All done, all tags added, the post will now not scrape off with the Read More leading to the expanded post. Would that not be a complete anti-thesis of the very soul of the post - my toil of an hour and a half or more. Jeeees......... But good Lord intervened and I thought of copy pasting the entire post in the notepad to set it free of all bugs. This done I copy pasted it back to my blog and all fell into place. Phew! Hallelujah!


V said...

How in the world did I miss your blog? I should have been reading it since forever.

Put me down on the regular list, will ya? Also, here - a beer on me (if you drink).

Ann Dee said...

Thank you V and welcome to ADTT...

And was that beer for my tryst with codes (please say YES!!)

P.S. If you noticed, you're the first to find the 2nd bit of my FIRST near-to-tech blogs comment-worthy. 3 beers on me! (Yes, I drink :P )

V said...

Yes, it was. I didn't want to say anything earlier in the fear of being labelled a sexist.

But I'm blown away by your HTML knowledge.

Thank you for the 3 beers! You are driving. Oh wait, you said you crashed, I'll drive.

Ann Dee said...

Correction, I do not crash, only is for those on the road to worry ;)

And that was kind..calling it 'knowledge'. Thank you buddy

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Seriously yes.. you do have good HTML knowledge, and for someone who is not even in Tech, its awesome! Shame on folks like me who still have to Google/Bing to get some basic HTML coding! :)

Ann Dee said...

Thanks honykins..

You guys are such inspiration. Correction "you two" are such inspiration to write about my other trysts with technology. Like how and where to kick the CPU when it conks off. :P