Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Birthday Diary-I

12th July:

The day before 'the day' is most tormenting – the bouts of anxiety and excitement, in turns, make you want to drop dead and wake up straight at 12 am. Anxiety, because, if you're married to a geek of a husband like I am, you never know whether to "Expect" or "not Expect". And Excited because, there's this faint ray of hope that a surprise might be waiting at 12, triggered off by a belief – MAY BE he remembers he's married to a hopeless romantic.

With the love of my life - D, the Pain of 12th July doesn't end at that. I have to go through this another tormenting exercise of suspending curiosity – my faintest expression of wonderment might make him give in and explode, if he is planning something at all. He's just not the "Surprise!!!!!" type, like most men. But our honeymoon made me reassess – he, at rare and special occasions does walk the 'Extra mile' and when he does it – boy, you're swept off your feet – Really!

So even though I saw him messaging secretly, hush-hushing to people over the phone and sneaking outta home around 5pm – I feigned total ignorance and thought – let this one go….next, I am grooming him on "How to SURPRISE your Wife on her Birthday".

10:00 PM: Seeing D still with the godforsaken Stargate and I had to re-consider my guess. I like the series too, but on a day like today when I am almost sure "something's" happening at 12 and at home, I was expecting him to clean up the house, charge the camera cells, ready Boom (food, poop) etc. May be he's planning it out somewhere else, may be at Firangi Paani, like we did last year on his Bday! Knowing him, I still volunteered to do all wrap-up work and since I wasn't sure where exactly the party could be tonight, as a precaution, I also tidied up the house. ["Birthday Girl" with a broom…Sigh!].


D: Let's skip dinner and check out Irani Chai. You love that creamy thing with Osmania biscuits, na?

That sure is a catch. Sacrificing DINNER for cuppa and biscuits, not even something I'd die for – that's not D!
And since we came back home soon after, it was confirmed, it's a house party. If not the guests, the cake and food are coming for sure.

11:30 PM: To give D the "I did it" feel, I gave him a 'good night' yawn and retired into the "lounge" (a low-lying arrangement I hype up by calling it a lounge) with Booms, switched off the lights and tried hard to catch some beauty-nap. Btw, I didn't change or wash off the make-up. :P

11:45 PM: Booms sirens off.

12J: Rachita-Santosh, Scarlett-Sharanya (he was another surprise, coz I had no clue he's back from Hong Kong), Geetu ba-Poohar da, Vikas-Ajay, Rajoo, Pritish, Ady – all walk in one by one, and along comes the cake and food. And we've a blast till 5.

(To be contd.)


Ripples said...

Hey I love Your name Nidarshana...Btw belated b'day..The surprise element works brilliant...
M sure you had a wonderful time :)

Ann Dee said...

Aaa that was pretty prompt.

Thanks Ripples. Ye, I'm a total teen when it comes to expecting surprises, gifts, chocs, the usual. And the day I'd change, I'd know I am my age.

When is your Bday Aquarian? I'll try make it on time.

PS: You've lovely locks (now you needn't give it back, it's quite a sad vegetation on my head ;P)

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Hmmmpppphhhh... :(
Just when I was down and sad that I am hating my looks, you did it!

Ann Dee said...


Dahling, to make you feel better, should I put a single full pic of yours with a caption: "Has a baby's eyes and a model's smile, isn't it?"

[Mean it!]

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Hahahaa... No thanks! Rehne do.. :)

Ann Dee said...


Ek thanks to bol yaar and take the compliment with a coy, lady-like smile...what "hahahahahaa"

Scarlett O'Hara said...

Hahaha... You know I cant give a coy smile and all.. Thanks for the compliment, btw! :)

And to comment on the post, D gets complete credit, though he didnt manage a 100% surprise party, he did his best, and I know his efforts! :)

Meghana Naidu said...

Belated appY Burrday :D

birthday girl with the broom!
how cruel :P
now thats a picture we should have seen :D

T-REX said...

Lolz...happy birthday and cute story. I never knew you cd have so much fun being married.

olive oyl said...

happy birthday nidarshana! hope you go on getting surprises for a long long time :)

Ann Dee said...


Honeykins...Ever wondered why I call you all these sugary names and insist on you giving me a coy smiles?

I see a girl in you. ;P

And my D is a sweetheart, isn't he? Sweeps me off my feet as swiftly as he did when I was 5 kilos lighter. :)

Ann Dee said...


Dank'yu dear. And that's the picture I'd have loved to put, had D cared to click a pic. He was glued to Stargate remember? Sob sob!!

Thank you T-Rex,

I think you need some serious re-working on your married ppl image. I volunteer to "enlighten" you - Just keep reading my blogs. :)

Olive Oyl,

Ironically, people rarely call me Nidarshana. Love to hear it. Thank you dahling.

I too hope that I'm always this 'hopeless romantic' and D never gets tired of remembering it. :)

PS: Before she points out, Scarlett is amongst the few who call me Nidarshana

Ripples said...

Hey Ann Dee tx...14th of Feb is my day :)

Ann Dee said...


Aha, you're born on V-Day. That'd be quite easy to remember. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.. I call her with her full name, coz I love that name! :)

Smita said...

Belated Birthday wishes dear :-)

Birthday Surprises(even if u have anticapated it)can do something to ur heart na :-)

Waiting for the next Part :)

Ann Dee said...

Thanks Ms. T. :)

And thanks to you too Smita dear,

Birthdays are the best - what if they add yet another year to our already senescing lives. An excuse to completely live the kid in you. When's yours Ms. Capricorn?

eye-in-sty-in said...

Ah! A birthday cake and a surprise party with friends... how nice!
I notice the 'wifey' on the cake :D
You guys had a blast till 5... awesome!

Stupidosaur said...

Happy birth month NIDARSHANA!

Now that I know what Ann Dee stands for, we can all sing a little jingle

Aao sikhaoon tumhe Ann Dee ka funda!
Yeh nahin pyare koi Nidhi ya Nanda!

Looking forward to more escapades of the 'Jodi No 1' here ;)

Ann Dee said...


The Birth-day was awesomer. In my next post...when I finish it, that is.


Ahaa so everybody knows it now. I was "NS" [An Ass...;)]before marriage and I was waiting to turn "D". :P

The jingle was fun. Thanks mate. :)

ani_aset said...

hey belated happy birthday :)...Your hubby tried his best..all credits to him in next post :D

LAN said...

I am late to wish you!! :) belated happy birthday!! nice blog; :P

Ann Dee said...


Thanks dear. Ye, my boy did give me a birthday to remember...

Thanks Lan

Better late than never :)

Vee said...

Wowdie, niceness.

olive oyl said...

I like the name Nidarshana. Vewwwy nice. ;)

and your husband seems to be the to-die-for kind of a guy :D lucky girl!

Jazzy Jane said...

really cute recount, thanks for sharing...totally enjoyed reading :)

kanchan"s said...

Hey 'Tikli' saw your b'day pics...mmmm your hair has seriously grown too look choo cute yaar...but not as cute as "Boom"..wwoowww wwooww...