Saturday, 16 January 2010

For the love of Rushdie

From the confines of my strictly business writing as a Corporate Communications professional, I look at Salman Rushdie’s Indian English and drool. Literally. His style is forbidden; not for the logically correct, grammatically quarantined, absolutely to-the-point English I write, or am expected to. Not that I want to go Rushdie at work and hand myself the pink slip, where my manager would have included a note with the city’s best Psychiatrists’ contact, being the caring fellow Cancerian.

All I am saying is this is not the writing that I want to eventually see myself doing. The current form lunges me to the sea of writers — analogous, stereotypical, one impossible to recognize from the other. Like the slew of feature writers in the newspaper supplements, for example. You cannot tell who's who the way you can make out a Jug Suraiya from a Bachi Karkaria. But when it comes to signature styles, nobody can beat Rushdie - I bet. The way he dives into the infinite ocean of adjectives and determiners, pronouns and verbs, punctuations and idioms — to emerge with an English of his own; impregnated with his Indianness; chiseled to such impeccable perfection that sounds completely different, yet surprisingly 'correct'. And how effortlessly the man does it — unlike my obtuse description here! And that, during the 1981s, when the Indian English genre was still grappling through its nascent stage — he had the nerve to 'tamper' with the a “borrowed” language - take it, slice it open, chop it into fine pieces, blend it with his Indian spices, dry it under the Indian sun, bottle it and stamp it with a "Rushdie".
So while I breathed my first in some nook in the Solar System part of the Universe, Salman Rushdie published his Midnight Children…that went on to become one of the greatest influences in my life.
For a Corporate Communications person, to relish such libertine fantasies of meddling with the language is sheer profanity, I agree. But carve my thumbprint style, unique and completely mine, I must before I lose myself in the murky waters of stereotypical business writing.

Conclusion: I must continue to blog!

P.S.: I wish I could declare "I am back". Not yet. But I will, and very soon. The sabbatical is beginning to weigh down heavily upon my blogger's conscience---more so, because I deliberately shrink and deflate my thoughts these days to squirt them at Twitter. If you have read this, thank you so much for coming back. Pray for me!


aksharaa said...
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aksharaa said...

No no, definitely not a comeback.reads more like an inflated tweet.
hope Rushdie manages to re-discover d dormant blogger,if not anyone/anything else!
fingers/toes/paws crossed!

Ann Dee said...

I have a better idea...How about you write your first blog and I my comeback.

After all, it is one dormant blogger inspiring anoher that is the life-blood of our blogger community. Let's do it lady!

Does Jan-end sound good for a deadline?

aksharaa said...
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aksharaa said...
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aksharaa said...

there, i've done it.

and two blogs too! not bad at all, what do you think?

now chk it out and feed d comments.

Anita Rane said...

hey have such an engaging style of o read yur stuff....btw i took your suggestion very seriously and changed the appearance of my blog to make it more check it now!!!

And keep blogging!!! :)

olive oyl said...

i guess tghe best writers always make the language their own. :)

do come back.

Stupidosaur said...

Well, if you want to develop 'your own language', logging again seems like a good starting point :P

Scribblers Inc said...

very awesome looking blog, and great writing should totally get back to this after the twittering fad fades in a while...cuz if you dont, people might miss out on the handful of good writers around here...

Scribblers Inc.

Ann Dee said...

Thanks for dropping by :)

Like you have my dear. Yeah, I guess I'll be able to make out your blog from a pile of them

The 'push' doesnt seem to work. I need a good beating with a stick...old-school way :P

@Scribblers Inc
Thanks much...Keep coming by! The blog shalt happen - and soon! [Pray "soon" happens soon]

ani_aset said...

nice blog :) Since you say you are still not back..will wait for an update on twitter when you are finally back :D

Kaalicharan/Calvy said...

In a world where words are concocted out of the thin air, the whims and fancies of writers who defy the stated norms and refuse to fall prey to the accepted always create a vintage charm. Rushdie is the wizard with the word wand!

Nice post!

Ann Dee said...


I did write a few blogs that never saw the light of the day. Somebody will have to gag and beat me up - only then I will write - I guess :P

Thanks. Keep stopping by.

eye-in-sty-in said...

I thought I saw a post.. what happened? (rubs eyes)

Ann Dee said...


That was for Boomer's blog and now it rests in my Saved Drafts - as ususal :P
Sorry for the nazron ka dhokha :D